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Tue, May 28, 2024


The Enigmatic Proposal to Princess Diana with a Repossi Ring

In the whirl of glamour and tragedy that surrounded Princess Diana's final days, an episode of romance unfolded, shrouded in secrecy and destined to remain a subject of speculation. The story involves a jewelry purchase so closely intertwined with a proposal.

It began in Monte Carlo, away from the prying eyes of the relentless paparazzi. Dodi Al Fayed, son of the Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, accompanied Princess Diana to the Repossi jewelry store. There, an exquisite diamond dome ring named "Dis-moi Oui" (French for "Say Yes!") caught Dodi’s eye. Diana expressed her liking for the ring, but it wasn’t in her size, so the couple ordered the ring and planned to pick it up at the Paris store.

However, when Dodi and Diana arrived in Paris, tragedy struck.

Credits: Netflix

The backstory of this ring, as pieced together from various sources, primarily hinges on a detailed interview given by Alberto Repossi to the Washington Post on September 9, 1997. Alberto, who took over the famed jewelry house founded by his father Costantino in Turin in 1957, described how the ring was originally not discussed as an engagement ring, yet was unmistakably designed as one. Subsequent actions, including the ring being sent to Paris for sizing before being picked up by Dodi, fueled widespread speculation and media frenzy.

‘Dis Moi Oui' ring

Repossi later recounted to the press that the engagement rumors were inadvertently fueled by a leak from Lloyd's insurance company. Caught between his professional integrity and personal grief, Repossi expressed his discomfort over the publicity surrounding the ring, especially given the tragic circumstances that followed. In 2004, when the jeweler expanded to New York, he reiterated the story, noting the ring's valuation at around $200,000 and its poignant role in what he described as "a love story and a tragedy."


This tale of love, set against the backdrop of impending doom, highlights the intersecting paths of fate and choice. The narrative, punctuated by the allure of a beautiful ring and the specter of a proposal that may or may not have occurred, continues to captivate and haunt the public imagination, much like the enduring legacy of Princess Diana herself.

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