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Tue, May 28, 2024


Speed Meets Sustainability: Miguel Gaspar and Flowheel's Innovative Partnership on the Racetrack

In the high-octane world of motorsport, Portuguese racing sensation Miguel Gaspar is making waves not just for his exceptional skills on the track but also for the unique partnership he's forged with Flowheel, a trailblazing company operating in the oil & gas industry and the water sector. 

Miguel Gaspar, who races under the banner of the renowned team R-ace, recently revved up his Formula Renault for an adrenaline-pumping event at Circuit Fontenay-le-Comte. The stakes were high as Miguel aimed to achieve the best possible results in each of his daily sessions, navigating a grueling total of 50 laps.
For those unfamiliar with Formula Renault, it's a stepping stone for emerging talents, where young racers showcase their skills and tenacity in pursuit of their dreams of Formula 1 glory. And for Miguel Gaspar, this journey has been marked by an exciting partnership with Flowheel, a company that's not your typical racing sponsor.

Flowheel isn't your run-of-the-mill corporate giant or a sleek automotive brand. Instead, it operates at the intersection of industries critical to our modern world—the oil & gas sector and the water industry. What sets Flowheel apart is its focus on providing unique solutions in the construction and trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines, leak detection and flow monitoring, high performance, earth friendly industrial and commercial oil, lubricants  and fuel products. These technologies have applications in diesel and gasoline engines, mining and industrial equipment, and oil & gas drilling.  

In a world grappling with the sustainability and efficient management of vital resources, Flowheel's offerings have taken center stage. They're not just about speed on the racetrack; they're about ensuring the smooth flow of essential resources in our daily lives.
While Miguel Gaspar pushes the limits of speed and precision on the Circuit Fontenay-le-Comte, his partnership with Flowheel embodies a fusion of technology, innovation, and raw talent. It's a thrilling narrative that highlights the often unexpected intersections between industries that, on the surface, appear worlds apart.
This unique synergy is a testament to how modern sports sponsorships are evolving. It's no longer just about slapping logos on cars and jerseys; it's about finding resonance between a sportsperson's journey and a sponsor's mission.
Flowheel, with its forward-looking approach, recognizes the parallels between the world of Formula Renault and its own commitment to efficiency and excellence. Whether it's Miguel Gaspar's quest for the perfect lap time or Flowheel's dedication to optimizing the flow of resources, both endeavors are driven by relentless pursuit of perfection.

As Miguel Gaspar continues to race against time and competitors at Circuit Fontenay-le-Comte, he carries with him not just the hopes of his team but also the innovative spirit of Flowheel. It's a race where speed meets precision, technology merges with talent, and where Miguel Gaspar and Flowheel are steering towards a common finish line—a future that's faster, smarter, and more sustainable.

So, as Miguel Gaspar accelerates into the corners of Circuit Fontenay-le-Comte, know that this race isn't just about winning a trophy; it's about forging new paths and showcasing the synergy between a racing driver's pursuit of excellence and a company's commitment to shaping a better world.
For more information about Flowheel and their groundbreaking solutions in the oil & gas industry and the water sector, visit their website at




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