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Tue, May 28, 2024


On the Heights of Portofino: A Stay at Splendido, A Belmond Hotel

Nestled high above the shimmering waters of Portofino Bay, Splendido, A Belmond Hotel, Portofino, offers more than just a luxurious stay—it promises a plunge into a legend 500 years in the making. From its commanding heights, surrounded by lush Mediterranean foliage, this pink-hued palace offers a panoramic retreat that has captivated the hearts of travelers and celebrities alike.

Starting your journey in the bustling bay of Portofino, a quaint path fringed with verdant green leads you to the grand entrance of Splendido. As the road winds up the hill, the striking façade of this former 16th-century monastery emerges, declaring its presence with an architectural bravado that blends seamlessly with the landscape.

The hotel itself is a breathtaking sight. Tall palms and twirling vines accentuate vibrant flower beds, creating a picturesque setting that rivals the natural beauty of the Ligurian coast. Its architecture, with rows of high-arched windows cascading down the hillside, captures the essence of Italian elegance and the spirit of la dolce vita that has long been associated with Portofino.

Belmond Hotel

Upon entering Splendido, guests are immediately enveloped in an ambiance of glamorous history. The hotel has been a sanctuary for the stars since Portofino became a staple of the glamorous Dolce Vita lifestyle. Its light, airy rooms and suites offer stunning views of the Ligurian Sea, each furnished to provide luxurious comfort and a hint of old-world charm.

Belmond Hotel

The estate’s sprawling grounds include a state-of-the-art gym, tennis courts, a wellness center, and various dining options, ensuring that every need is catered to without ever having to leave its secluded luxury. For guests wishing to explore, a courtesy shuttle bus provides easy access to its sister hotel, Splendido Mare, located in the heart of Portofino’s Piazzetta.

A standout feature of the hotel is its salt-water infinity pool, a perfect oasis to unwind and soak in the sun. After a refreshing swim, guests can venture to La Terrazza, the hotel's premier restaurant. Here, the terrace opens out to sweeping views of the bay below, where diners can indulge in the freshest local seafood and traditional Ligurian dishes, all prepared with a contemporary flair.

Belmond Hotel

Evenings at Splendido sparkle with the same glamorous allure as Hollywood's golden age, particularly in the piano bar where guests can enjoy glamorous parties reminiscent of those grand evenings. The hotel not only retains a whisper of its storied past but also vibrates with a trendsetting spirit, inviting guests to not just witness but also contribute to the evolving chic scene of the Italian Riviera.

Staying at Splendido isn’t just about enjoying a luxurious getaway—it's about experiencing a piece of history, a splash of glamour, and the creation of unforgettable memories on the heights of Portofino. Here, every moment feels like a splendid secret, shared only by those fortunate enough to find themselves at this legendary hotel.

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