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Tue, May 28, 2024


London’s Digital Darling: City’s Story, One Post at a Time

In today’s digital era, modern-day heroes like Aleksandra Aknin wield immense influence, guiding both locals and tourists through the labyrinth of London’s society. A prominent digital creator and influencer whose Instagram presence, boasting nearly 50,000 devoted followers, illuminates the essence of London living. With a keen eye for the city’s diverse experiences, she crafts compelling content that not only showcases London’s multifaceted charm but also acts as a guide to all the vibrant events occurring within the city. As the ingenuous mind behind a comprehensive platform dedicated to curating and providing information about events in London, complete with ticket access, Aleksandra has carved out a unique space, bridging the gap between digital meaningful storytelling and real-world memorable experiences. 

What inspired you to start your journey as a digital creator focusing on London, and how did you build your brand in this niche? 
The pandemic became the unexpected catalyst for my journey as a digital creator focusing on London. With travel restrictions in place, I found a renewed appreciation for the city I call home, recognizing its resilience and ability to adapt. Inspired to share the unique stories of London during these challenging times, I turned to social media to bring the city's spirit to a global audience. Building my brand in this niche involved finding innovative ways to virtually explore London and offer a sense of connection to those unable to physically experience the city. Social media became a powerful tool for not just storytelling, but also building a community seeking a shared connection through the lens of London's challenges and triumphs during the pandemic. In essence, the unexpected circumstances of the pandemic inspired a digital exploration of London, allowing me to connect with others who shared a similar longing for connection and discovery during these times of uncertainty. 

As an influencer with a substantial following, how do you maintain authenticity in your content while engaging with a large audience? 
Listening to feedback, adapting to the evolving digital landscape, and staying authentic to my love for London contributed to establishing a meaningful connection with my audience. Ultimately, my journey as a digital creator in the London niche is a continuous exploration, fuelled by a desire to showcase the city's magic and share it with a global audience. I talk about my experiences and problems. Sharing personal stories fosters a deeper connection with my audience, as they can relate to my human side. If I collaborate with brands, I try to ensure transparency. Clearly communicate when content is sponsored, and only promote products or services you genuinely believe in. It’s important to embrace imperfections and be real. Authenticity often thrives in the raw and unfiltered moments rather than a perfectly curated image.

Could you share a pivotal moment or experience that significantly contributed to your success as a London-centric content creator? 
Remembering the exhilarating moment when my content hit a million views! It wasn't just a number; it symbolized the incredible journey of sharing London's beauty. The support from this community was overwhelming and pushed me to elevate my storytelling game. This milestone marked a turning point in my commitment to showcasing the best of London authentically. Here's to every view, every like, and the city that continues to inspire! 

Your Instagram presence showcases diverse aspects of London. How do you select the content you post and maintain variety while keeping it relevant to your audience? 
To maintain variety, I listen to my audience's preferences and blend iconic landmarks with hidden gems. Each post aims to offer something new – be it a historic insight, a vibrant event, or a cosy corner worth discovering. It's all about finding that balance between what I love to share and what resonates with this incredible community. Adapting content to reflect seasonal changes and cultural events keeps it timely and resonant. Whether capturing the blooming flowers in spring or festive lights in winter, aligning with the season maintains relevance. Most of all, I try to make sure that every post tells a story, has its purpose and brings value to the community. Even in the politically difficult times I tend to keep the tone of my posts as positive as possible - I want my page to be an escape from reality and everyday life. 

What strategies or tools have been instrumental in growing your Instagram following, and how do you keep your audience engaged? 
Utilizing analytics helps understand what content works best. From insights to trending hashtags, staying informed ensures I'm delivering content that keeps this vibrant community engaged. Also, developing good knowledge of editing tools has been my secret weapon in bringing London's moments to life. Sharing informative or educational content related to London adds value to the audience. Whether it's historical facts, travel tips, or cultural insights, this type of content fosters engagement and learning. My aim is to actively respond to comments, direct messages, and engaging with audience content which builds a sense of community. I hope it demonstrates that their input is valued and encourages ongoing interaction.

Balancing the role of an influencer and a curator of London events requires time management. How do you manage your schedule effectively to create content, engage with your audience, and run the events platform?
I am not a very well-organised person, so holding a full-time job aside from being a content creator often proves to be very challenging. I started updating regularly my event calendar and allocating specific times for engaging with my amazing community – your comments and messages light up my day! 

Flexibility is Key: I guess you need to embrace the unpredictable nature of London's events scene and be ready to adapt your schedule on the fly for those spontaneous moments. But let’s face it - it’s a full-time job, and it’s not as easy as it may seem - maintaining a high level of engagement with this fantastic community demands dedicated time and attention.

Could you share any specific challenges you've encountered while building your brand in the digital space, and how did you overcome them? 
Changes in social media algorithms can impact content visibility. To overcome this, I adapted by diversifying content formats, engaging more with the community, and staying informed about platform updates. Growing a dedicated community takes time. I focused on consistent storytelling, collaborating with like-minded creators, and actively participating in conversations to foster a genuine connection. Staying updated with evolving tech tools and trends is crucial. I invested time in learning new editing tools, staying informed about emerging features, and embracing technological advancements to enhance content quality. 

What advice would you offer to aspiring content creators aiming to establish themselves in the digital space, particularly within a specific niche like London lifestyle and events?
The digital space evolves rapidly. Stay curious, continuously learn, and be adaptable. Embrace change and use it as a catalyst for growth. Also, stay updated with the latest tools and trends. Leverage editing software, social media features, and emerging technologies to enhance the visual appeal of your content. Building a digital presence takes time. Be patient, stay persistent, and celebrate small victories along the way. Consistency is key. And finally, don’t worry about negative opinions of people around you - not every opinion requires your attention. Learn to discern between constructive feedback and baseless negativity. Focus on your vision, and let your passion guide you.

Collaborations and partnerships play a significant role in the influencer sphere. Can you discuss the process of selecting partnerships and how they contribute to your overall brand strategy? 
I try to seek collaborations that offer mutual benefit. Whether it's exposure, or unique content opportunities, I try to ensure both parties gain value from the partnership. I try to collaborate with reputable brands or events that uphold quality standards. The credibility of my collaborators reflects on my brand, so I choose partners with a positive reputation. It doesn’t mean that I collaborate only with established brands - I often support local businesses and start-ups as well if only they have something interesting to offer to my audience. Usually, I don’t accept collaborations that I’m not excited about, I believe that audience will immediately sense it. 

With the evolution of social media platforms, how do you adapt your content and engagement strategies to stay relevant and ahead of the trends in the digital space?
Diversify content formats. Incorporate a mix of photos, videos, reels, stories, and interactive elements to cater to different audience preferences and platform features. Stay relevant to current events and cultural moments. Timely content that aligns with trending topics enhances visibility and engagement. However, it’s worth remembering that we create trends and influence creators around us, so I would not focus exclusively on popular topics and content ideas. 

Personal branding is crucial. How do you maintain a consistent brand image while allowing space for personal growth and evolving interests within the London content niche? 
My narrative evolves with intention. As I grow personally, my content narrative matures, reflecting deeper insights into London's layers and my own journey within this vibrant city. London is multi-dimensional, allowing me to explore diverse content avenues. From historical explorations to modern trends, I strike a balance, providing a varied yet coherent content palette for my audience. I always try to be open-minded about different influences and types of content, to experiment and improve constantly. 

Aleksandra Aknin

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