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Tue, May 28, 2024


Djawad Mama's Journey into the World of Creativity

In a world often dictated by conventional career choices, Djawad Mama, a 23-year-old visionary, has carved an inspiring path for himself in the realm of design. His journey, a testament to passion and unwavering determination, highlights the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Discovering the Artistic Calling

After completing his scientific baccalaureate, Djawad initially embarked on a year of computer science studies. Yet, during this period, a profound revelation occurred – his true calling lay in photography. This revelation became the catalyst for a remarkable shift in his career trajectory.

Embarking on a Cinematic Odyssey

Currently, Djawad is in the final stages of pursuing his professional degree in audiovisual production at the esteemed Institut Supérieur Don Bosco in Lomé. His portfolio boasts an array of achievements, including an insightful 11-minute documentary shedding light on social media addiction among young Togolese. Additionally, he has crafted a poignant 10-minute drama addressing the critical issue of pollution. Djawad's expertise extends further as he serves as the cinematographer for five episodes of the captivating web series, "Bienvenue dans mon lycée" (Welcome to my high school). His discerning eye has also graced various web series as a set photographer, including the highly acclaimed "Ahoe," a Togolese production. Notably, Djawad played a pivotal role in the creation of the visuals for the short film "Carpe Diem," which he proudly showcased at the prestigious Emergence festival in 2022, held in Lomé.

A Luminary in Photography and Fruitful Collaborations

In tandem with his academic pursuits and audiovisual ventures, Djawad has been a consummate professional photographer since 2018. His portfolio is a tapestry of diversity and talent, reflecting his work with individuals from various walks of life, including celebrated artists such as Cyrille Étesse, prominent organizations like Makito Box, and renowned Togolese brands.

Global Learning and Acclaim

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Djawad pursued additional training at the prestigious Université d'Été 2023 de la Fémis in Paris. Here, he honed his skills in documentary filmmaking, crafting a captivating short documentary titled "Fragments." This experience not only showcased his innate talent but also underscored his unwavering dedication to the art of filmmaking.

Djawad Mama embodies the essence of creativity and exploration. His unyielding commitment to the world of art and audiovisual media continues to yield remarkable results, inspiring those around him and beyond.

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