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Tue, May 28, 2024


Luxury Redefined: Unveiling 'The Monegasque™' and Monaco's Elite Society

Set to grace the realm of high society publications is "The Monegasque™," a forthcoming magazine poised to redefine luxury and sophistication. Helmed by Luiz Costa Macambira, former Forbes CEO and publisher, the magazine boasts a stellar lineup of contributors, including boxing legend Evander Holyfield, Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine, and esteemed members of royal families. The vision for "The Monegasque™" transcends conventional media, aspiring to be the quintessential source of contemporary Monaco by unraveling the extraordinary lives of its residents and showcasing exclusive locales.

Costa Macambira, drawing on his rich media background, envisions Monaco as a reservoir of enchanting narratives and distinctive charm. Challenging Western perceptions of wealth, he contends that the billionaires populating Monaco embody eccentricity and boldness, qualities integral to their success. In crafting "The Monegasque™," Costa Macambira curates a team of distinguished writers and editors, emphasizing collaboration to capture the essence of modern Monaco society with a blend of creativity and sophistication.

For Costa Macambira, "The Monegasque™" represents the apex of his media career, a culmination of expertise honed during his tenure at Forbes. His aim is to elevate this venture, delivering content that epitomizes elegance and relevance to a discerning readership. The impending launch has sparked anticipation in Monaco and the global publishing sphere, promising an exclusive peek into the lives of the ultra-rich and offering a unique platform for premium advertisers to reach the affluent audience of Monaco in both digital and print formats.

As Monaco boasts the world's highest concentration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, "The Monegasque™" stands as a revolutionary force in luxury publications. Under Costa Macambira's guidance, the magazine seeks to immerse readers in captivating narratives that define Monaco's elite, making it the definitive source of modern Monaco society. Beyond its focus on extraordinary personalities and exclusive locations, the magazine's multi-faceted approach creates a distinct opportunity for advertisers to showcase their brands to a wealthy demographic. With the launch on the horizon, "The Monegasque™" is poised to emerge as an indispensable resource for those eager to explore the opulent world of Monaco's ultra-wealthy.

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