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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


Monaco's Summit Empowering Women in Leadershi

The inaugural Monaco Power Women's Summit, supported by Monaco Voice, was held on December 1st at the Hotel Hermitage. Around 100 exclusive guests assembled in the stunning Belle Époque salon to hear from the keynote speaker, Lady Cherie Blair CBE KC, who is the founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

During her speech at the summit, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed the audience, stating, "According to current estimates,it may take 151 years before women achieve economic parity with men. I refuse to wait that long." She added, "Empowering women economically not only provides women with more options in life, but it also creates a better world for all of us. We are aware that women entrepreneurs will be the driving force behind global prosperity. Our research indicates that if men and women were equally involved in entrepreneurship, the global economy could be boosted by up to $5 trillion".

Blair said, the significance of the opportunity and the need to act is clear. In her personal experience, she has observed that if a woman's entrepreneurial potential is nurtured, it can blossom into a powerful force that spreads positivity to those around her. The only condition for success is to provide the resources to ignite the fire. That's why she founded the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women - to provide much-needed fuel.

The occasion was a derivative of the yearly Forbes Power Women's Summit, which was initiated a decade ago by Moira Forbes, the executive vice president of Forbes and president and publisher of ForbesWomen. The evening's entertainment was furnished by the acclaimed opera singer, Delia Grace Noble, and the pianist, Tereza Dos Santos. The event was sponsored by Aero, CFM-Indosuez Wealth Management, and SafeMoon.

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