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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


The Business Of Beauty: How London Women Decided To Conquer It

Rose INC and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

Rose Inc was originally launched as an online platform in 2018, with aspirations to go further and create a beauty line that is currently a real hit in the beauty industry (we love its minimalistic packaging and great formulas). At that time, Rosie had a real passion for everything related to beauty, which she actively shared on her social media. But there were already a lot of celebrity cosmetic brands created, the market was obviously very saturated. So Rosie used her site to collect data and explore readers' interests. It means that she could connect with her audience and share her true passion for makeup and skincare. So when the first Rose Inc products debuted more than two years later, the brand became something authentic. 

She could make a lot of money off this if she wanted to, and she knew there was a lot of investment potential. But she also knew that her beauty brand had to represent something, it had to be truly unique. So she needed to be careful about finding the perfect business partner. That's how she found Caroline Hadfield. Caroline joined the renowned American biotechnology company Amyris Inc as Senior Vice President of Personal Care in 2015 and is currently the CEO and President of Rose Inc in partnership with Amyris. And, unexpectedly, the famous supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turned out to be a conscientious entrepreneur. She clearly had a vision, and decided to take a chance and dive into it. She also attributes her business acumen and love of the fast pace of life to the resilience she developed during her modeling career. 

Rosie has always been very open about her skin issues. This may also be the reason why Rose Inc symbolizes a thoughtful approach to beauty that meets the key demands of today: that skincare should resemble self-care, whilst decorative cosmetics should meet skin care properties.  

Lisa Eldridge by Lisa Eldridge

Who does not know Lisa Eldridge today? But in order to become Lisa Eldridge, the famous makeup artist had to go through a long, but inspiring journey. Lisa Eldridge was born on October 26, 1974. She grew up in New Zealand and then her family moved to Liverpool. At the age of six, Lisa's passion for makeup ignited when she discovered a box of her mother's makeup. She was thrilled by what she saw: it contained almost everything needed for creating a look, a lot of small, but incredible and colourful things. On Lisa's 13th birthday, a friend of her mother presented her a book about stage makeup. After reading it, Lisa started doing makeup for school plays, and her interest in makeup deepened even more. 

Lisa Eldridge

After school, Lisa Eldridge took a course in theatrical make-up and costume design in Liverpool. According to Lisa, she was only interested in makeup, but at that time there were not so many places where you could learn how to become a makeup artist. 

After graduating from the faculty of theatrical make-up, Lisa moves to London to start a career as a make-up artist. She gets a job at a department store specializing in selling cosmetics. In addition to her work, she enrolls in a makeup course for photography to broaden her horizon and meet with like-minded people. Meanwhile, she tries to look for opportunities to work somewhere as a make-up artist in order to build his own portfolio; she works as a make-up artist on television and participates in fashion shoots. And she does it all for free. 

With diligence and talent, Eldridge's portfolio was gradually replenished with worthy makeup works that did not go unnoticed. ELLE magazine invited her as a makeup artist to work with model Cindy Crawford. After this successful collaboration, her career begins to skyrocket. Lisa is invited to work with other famous women's magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Glamour, Allure, etc. 

Since January 6, 2015, she has been the Global Creative Director of Lancôme, focusing on product development, advertising campaigns, and digital strategy while maintaining her own YouTube channel with makeup tutorials. The same year, she also published her first makeup book: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup. This book, as a collection of years of research into the history of makeup, quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

Finally, with over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry and a successful YouTube career, in the year of 2018, Lisa launches her long-awaited makeup brand named after herself: Lisa Eldridge. 

Beauty Pie and Marcia Kilgore

I first heard about Beauty Pie after hearing a podcast episode with its founder and CEO Marcia Kilgore with the host Rachel Hollis. Interestingly, this isn't Marcia’s first company (the shark in business has already turned Soap & Glory, Bliss Spa, and FitFlop into huge brands), so I was already intrigued to learn more about the concept behind her idea of her latest venture. 

Marcia Kilgore

Launched first as a digital preposition in 2017, Beauty Pie became a membership club for beauty products. But unlike other subscription services, you can choose what you want to buy. Another big difference here is that you pay for how much it actually costs to make a product. Thanks to Marcia's well established relationships with big-brand cosmetics factories and labs, she was able to cut out the middleman, excessive packaging, and expensive marketing. Thus, she allows her consumers to buy luxury items at prime cost. And how does Beauty Pie actually make money? Yes, exactly from monthly memberships, which costs £10 per month for your access to lower prices for luxury goodies. 

The reason why Marcia created Beauty Pie is also her idea of transparency. She simply could not pretend that a moisturizer with a cost of £80 is actually worth only £8. Being in the beauty industry for so long, she refused to sell the brainwashed idea that if something is expensive that means it is good. She also wants to empower women by telling them that they are already the best of who they are and that they don’t need to succumb to generalized beauty standards. 

Trinny London

In 1994, after ten years of working in marketing, Trinny Woodall met Susunnah Constantine, with whom she teamed up to write a weekly fashion column for The Daily Telegraph. This partnership led to the launch of their own online fashion advice business and the subsequent release of their first book. 

Trinny London

Now, a well-established fashion expert started her journey as a TV presenter; educating about style. The BBC project What Not to Wear has seen great success, and Trinny Woodall's opinion on fashion trends has become authoritative for hundreds of thousands of British women. And for more than five years now, her opinion has been trusted in the beauty industry too. When launching her own brand in 2017, Trinny decided to set herself a big goal: to create beauty products in a universal tone, with perfect consistency, and with portable packaging. 

All these requirements came out not by chance. Being an avid traveler herself, Trinny was constantly faced with the problem of transporting her makeup products; her make-up would always take up too much space. In addition, she was often unhappy with formulas (lip gloss could be too oily or powder too loose). According to Trinny herself, her bathroom would turn out into a mini-laboratory. She would mix lipstick with gloss, and concealer with powder, in order to get the tone and consistency she exactly needed. Before each trip, she would lay it all out into small jars and it would not take even half of her makeup bag. After months of these experiments, she decided it was time to take things to the next level and launch her own beauty brand.

Conquering the idea of makeup on the go, Trinny goes into a new level too: she focuses on providing women with more personalized makeup choices. The TrinnyLondon website allows each customer to use the algorithm that will help you to find the right product. The Match2Me diagnostic tool will offer you customized beauty choices (now not only make-up but also skincare) according to your unique skin type, hair, and eye colors. 











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