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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


September Nears Record-Breaking Heatwave in the UK

 The United Kingdom is on the brink of a historic weather event, with the possibility of experiencing a remarkable six consecutive days of scorching 30°C heat in September, according to the latest update from the Met Office. Yesterday marked a significant milestone, as it provisionally claimed the title of the hottest day of the year thus far, registering a blistering 32.6°C in Wisley, Surrey. This reading surpassed the previous annual high, which was set back in June at 32.2°C.

 Notably, this marked the fourth day this month with temperatures soaring above the 30°C mark, breaking the longstanding record of three consecutive days, a feat seen only four times in the past, with the most recent occurrence being in 2016.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge expressed, "If the trend continues, and there's a high likelihood it will, we're in for a six-day stretch of 30°C weather. Historically, in September, we've only managed three consecutive days of such high temperatures. So, while it may not be the hottest September we've ever witnessed, in terms of sustained warmth, it doubles our previous experience."

Reflecting on historical data, the highest daily temperature recorded in September dates back to September 2, 1906, when South Yorkshire experienced a scorching 35.6°C. However, Mr. Partridge assured that there's "no chance" of breaking that long-standing September record in the days to come. He added, "We're likely to hover around 32°C, possibly reaching close to 33°C as the maximum temperature."


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