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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


The Empowering Collaboration of Alina Dyachenko and Maryna Mazarine 

Alina Dyachenko and Maryna Mazarine's collaboration is not just about fashion; it's a celebration of female strength and empowerment. Their vision goes beyond creating stylish garments; they want to inspire women to embrace their power and confidently navigate their professional and personal lives with their new capsule collection of women suites Chic Icon by Mazarine.

We met with Alina and Maryna in Dubai where their main office is based to talk on the most burning topics.
Hello, Alina and Maryna; thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Let's start with your business. How would you describe the capsule collection of Chic Icon by Mazarine?
Maryna: The capsule collection Chic Icon by Mazarine can be described in 3 words: classy, feminine, and powerful. This collection includes timeless suits that never go out of style and which are an essential part of a modern woman's wardrobe. 
Who is this capsule for? What are customers seeking when buying your suits?
Maryna: Being a businesswoman myself, I know how important is to choose the right outfit for the day, when you have a lot of meetings so that you feel confident and beautiful at the same time. If you have the right suit in your wardrobe, you can present yourself well through the day regardless of where you go, whether it's a business meeting or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Chic Icon by Mazarine is a capsule collection of suits that empower women, who have an active lifestyle, and help them to feel like a million dollars, regardless of what they do throughout their day. 
Alina: This capsule is for modern women from all over the world; the Middle East, Europe, Russia, USA, Asia, or anywhere else. We target confident, strong, and successful women who have superpowers and are not afraid to use them and demonstrate strength while being very elegant and classy. Since the collection is composed of elegant suits, these can be worn by any woman from any religion who wants to stay covered but still look feminine and classy. 
Can you briefly explain how this experience has been for you?
Maryna: When we started the production process, we already had a clear vision in mind of who our customer is and what type of product they require. Moreover, we both are businesswomen who are passionate about fashion and we both agreed that the right suit with a perfect cut and made of a high-quality fabric, is exactly what we need for our active lifestyle filled with business meetings and social events.
Alina: Personally it was a great experience, I did everything with much love. All of the suits we designed are dream suits of mine, as I couldn't find them in any other modern collections. It has been a great experience, very fun and creative. 
I'm looking forward to our next drop, we will have a few this year, and each of them will give women a different feeling of what power suits and power women are. I'm sure you will love it the same way we do!

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