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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


A Timeless Legacy: The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Welcome to a place where history, tradition, and glamour seamlessly blend with a contemporary spirit of independence. Here, the possibilities—like the views—are boundless.

A Passion for the Lake: Redefining Italian Hospitality

Emerging between two illustrious centuries, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo epitomizes a bold new era and a radiant spirit of innovation. During the Belle Époque, Tremezzo was the ultimate destination, with the Grand Hotel Tremezzo as its distinguished landmark.

In 1910, across the serene waters of Lake Como, the tranquil village of Tremezzo was visible from Bellagio. It was here that Enea and Maria Gandola, he from a patrician lineage and she from a family of renowned artist-intellectuals, chose to settle. Bringing with them three young children, a sophisticated worldview, and a daring vision, they had traversed the Continent, experiencing its most exquisite hotels. They watched as their cherished centro lago attracted Europe’s elite, drawn by its pristine air, stunning mountain vistas, charming locals, and the mesmerizing cerulean lake.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Enea and Maria saw not just an opportunity but nurtured a dream: to create a luxury hotel that could rival the world’s finest, putting Lake Como on the international map with something truly grand.

Celebrating the Women of the Grand Hotel

The narrative of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is an Italian tale, a family tale, and fundamentally, a tale of women. It is the women who have imbued the hotel with its unique style and its signature warm, cultured hospitality. Generations of owners have invested their talents and spirits, and later luminaries, like Garbo, have left their mark of glamour, femininity, and old-world charm. Their influence is felt today in the grace of our gardens and salons, the readiness of our staff to fulfill wishes and bring joy, and the elegant strength of our character, making us uniquely beautiful on Lake Como.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Bridging the Past and Future: Honoring a Grand European Tradition

Over 60 years ago, the hotel came under the ownership of a new family, who continue to cherish it today. With a new name and a new generation, they have embraced and cultivated its potential for the future. Today, under their guidance, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a place where tradition and glamour harmonize with a modern spirit of independence. The welcome is stylish, warm, and genuine, always evoking a sense of coming home to family.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The sparkle of the sun on deep water mirrors the effervescence of true Dolce far niente—a joyous way of being in a breathtaking landscape. Welcome to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, where every stay is a timeless experience, and every guest is part of the family.

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