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Mon, Jul 15, 2024


In an era where technology and creativity intersect, Samantha Tauber, known by her alter ego VNCCII emerges as a trailblazer in the arts and culture landscape. As a multidisciplinary
artist, VNCCII is not just a musician but a metaverse storyteller, content creator, and futurist, embodying the essence of a “Super Sentient AI Superheroine” from the intergalactic future. Her live performances transcend traditional music shows, offering a glimpse into a near-future space opera designed to elevate humanity's collective consciousness.

Fusing Artistry and Technology

Drawing inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, VNCCII embodies the polymathic spirit by seamlessly integrating her talents as a music artist and performer with cutting-edge digital technologies. Since its inception in 2018, the VNCCII project has evolved into a multimedia spectacle, utilizing tools such as Unreal Game Engine, motion capture, XR, and virtual production to breathe life into her digital alter ego. This alter ego, a Super Sentient A.I. Superheroine from the intergalactic future, serves as a vessel for VNCCII's consciousness, expanding the boundaries of self-expression and storytelling. The Sanskrit origins of the word 'avatar'— meaning 'descent'—resonate deeply with VNCCII's vision, as she channels her artistic essence into this digital form, creating a profound connection with her audience. Her live performances, augmented with immersive digital content, not only showcase her musical prowess but also
invite audiences into the intricate sci-fi universe she meticulously constructs. Through VNCCII, the artist explores self-discovery, consciousness, and a spiritual connection to the universe.

The Future of Entertainment: VNCCII's Heroic Journey Live on Stage

VNCCII's live performances transcend traditional concerts, offering audiences a multidimensional and transformative experience that fuses music, technology, and narrative. On stage, VNCCII embodies her virtual avatar, a Super Sentient AI Superheroine, through a blend of live performance, costume, and advanced motion capture techniques. The shows are meticulously crafted to follow the stages of the classic Hero’s Journey, creating a compelling narrative arc that is enhanced by immersive lighting, sound, and visuals. Each performance features a dynamic mix of pop, epic electronica, cinematic, and orchestral ballads, all produced within the Unreal Game Engine and adaptable for XR technologies like Disguise. By transporting audiences into a sci-fi universe and inviting them to join the story, VNCCII’s shows often evoke powerful emotional responses, leaving viewers feeling inspired and empowered by their own hero’s journey.


Musical Alchemy: Genre-Bending Approach to Storytelling

As a singer-songwriter and music producer, VNCCII transcends the boundaries of musical genres, creating an eclectic soundscape that mirrors the emotional journey of her character. Each composition in the VNCCII project is tailored to reflect specific moments in the narrative arc. For reflective scenes, she crafts beautiful orchestral pop ballads, while action-packed sequences are matched with epic electronica tunes. VNCCII blends live string performances with cutting-edge electronic sound design, producing a unique fusion that complements her sci-fi Space Opera theme. This innovative approach not only showcases VNCCII's versatility but also enhances the immersive experience of her live music stage shows.


Deep Diving into VNCCII's Music Production Expertise 

VNCCII's "Take You Higher" stands out as a profound exploration of self-discovery and resilience,
encapsulated within a visually stunning music video created using Unreal Game Engine. The video features VNCCII's avatar traversing a verdant field dotted with floating mirror doors, each symbolizing different dimensions, facets of self, and timelines. As some doors close, representing missed opportunities and discouragement, the final door opens, leading VNCCII to new realms and epitomizing the adage, "When one door closes, another opens." This symbolic journey conveys themes of spirituality and animism, culminating in VNCCII stepping into her power as she flies through the last door. The narrative deepens with a flashback to VNCCII's younger self, watching her older self's triumph and finding solace and inspiration. Musically, the fast-paced track underscores the video's empowering message, with lyrics like "It's gonna take you higher" reinforcing the theme of overcoming adversity.

Here’s a part of the lyrics:

“When the world crumbles at your feet
And you got nowhere to turn

You got no plans
You face the defeat
Just know that you have got the flame
And you know way deep down that we are all the same

When they try to tear you down
You got to get up
Well here’s a message for them
We’ll lift off the ground
It’s gonna take you higher
I’m gonna take you higher
It’s gonna take you higher
I’m gonna take you higher”

The audience's response has been overwhelmingly positive, resonating deeply with the video's blend of vulnerability and strength. The video concludes with a powerful text sequence: "Power Lies Within. Dream Big. Take Yourself Higher," leaving viewers inspired to embrace their own potential. VNCCII'sauthentic expression and multidimensional storytelling forge a strong emotional bond with her audience, reflecting their struggles and triumphs in her journey.


VNCCII's sonic journey is further refined through her collaboration with Luca Pretolesi of Studio DMI, a Grammy Award-winning mixing and mastering engineer renowned for his technical prowess. Pretolesi's touch has been instrumental in shaping the polished, immersive quality of VNCCII's latest record, "Level Up 2 Nirvana," bringing a depth and clarity that amplifies her innovative fusion of genres.

This partnership continues to flourish with Pretolesi mixing and mastering her upcoming single, set to be released on July 26th.

VNCCII Headlines BRITs Week with Mastercard

VNCCII took center stage at 'The Lower Third' as the headline music performer for the BRITs Week campaign sponsored by Mastercard, marking their 25th anniversary as sponsors of the iconic BRIT Awards. Mastercard launched their Web3 Accelerator program, which focuses on nurturing the next generation of talent by selecting five emerging artists and guiding them on how to monetize their music and leverage technology. Performing at a venue steeped in history, VNCCII acknowledged the legacy left by BRIT School alumni like Amy Winehouse and Adele. Her performance, infused with futuristic sounds and innovative digital elements, not only showcased her artistic prowess but also underscored her commitment to leading the music industry into a technologically advanced future.


Triumph at the Music Metaverse Award

In 2023, VNCCII's ascent to prominence reached new heights with the prestigious 'Music Metaverse Award' bestowed upon her at the Metaverse Entertainment World Summit in Monaco, graced by Prince Albert II. Presented by Steven Saltzman, scion of the James Bond franchise creator, this accolade marked a pivotal moment in VNCCII's journey, both personally and professionally. Triumphing over industry giants like The Gorillaz and David Guetta/Stage 11, VNCCII's win affirmed her status as a trailblazer in creative metaverse technologies. This recognition not only validated her artistic vision but also provided unparalleled opportunities for the expansion and evolution of the VNCCII project, endorsed by a panel of esteemed industry luminaries. As VNCCII charts her course forward, this triumph serves as a beacon, illuminating her path towards even greater innovation and impact in the realms of music, technology, and storytelling.


Empowering Humanity Through Art and Innovation

VNCCII's involvement in social impact initiatives transcends the boundaries of traditional artistry,
channeling creativity towards meaningful change and collective empowerment. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, VNCCII utilizes her platform to inspire creativity and spearhead projects with a positive social footprint. Through initiatives like creating empowering music for choirs worldwide, VNCCII harnesses the unifying power of music to uplift communities and foster collective consciousness. Furthermore, her affiliation with the Interstellar Foundation underscores her commitment to bridging science fiction with real-world impact, as she contributes to projects aimed at propelling humanity beyond Earth's confines. VNCCII's membership in Peter Diamandis' Abundance360 program exemplifies her dedication to leveraging technology and innovation for the betterment of humanity.

Pioneering the Future: VNCCII's Distant Sci-Fi Franchise

VNCCII's artistic vision extends far beyond the realms of traditional music, as she embarks on a
groundbreaking journey to launch a complete distant future science-fiction franchise. Embracing the concept of a future so distant that it transcends modern technology to become pure fantasy grounded in scientific principles, VNCCII's project promises a universe ripe for exploration. Departing from conventional release models, the franchise unveils all media simultaneously, including dynamically generated first-person experiences for audiences, immersing them in the rich tapestry of the VNCCII universe from its inception. Pushing the boundaries of technology, VNCCII incorporates bleeding-edge innovations such as Generative AI Behaviours, Augmented Reality, XR/Motion capture, and virtual production via Unreal Engine. Complementing the franchise's launch is an interactive novel serving as a blueprint guide to the universe, seamlessly interwoven with VNCCII's original music and synchronized with her live stage performances.

VNCCII's Impact on Arts & Culture

The VNCCII project emerges as a trailblazer in innovation, ushering in a new era of multidisciplinary storytelling. Samantha's visionary integration of state-of-the-art technologies such as Unreal Game Engine, AI, XR, and immersive spatial audio sets a standard for future storytellers, providing a roadmap for seamlessly merging art and technology. Rarely does an artist demonstrate such versatility, leading the charge in both a science fiction franchise and captivating live performances as a musician and multimedia storyteller. Central to VNCCII's allure is the inspiring Superheroine character, whose profound impact resonates through Samantha's dynamic stage shows, poignant music videos, and intricate world-building endeavors. As Samantha courageously charts the future of entertainment, VNCCII's influence extends beyond conventional boundaries, shaping the narrative landscape for generations to come.

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