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November, 2023
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“Bringing the divine”

Embarking on the journey of creating Dakini Jewellery wasn't just a business venture for Alina Dyachenko – it was an expression of her life vision. Speaking with a passion reflective of her dual commitment to spiritual and material balance, Alina shared insights into the inspiration behind her jewelry brand that transcends the ordinary.

Why start a jewelry brand with a spiritual approach? Alina's answer is rooted in her identity. "My vision of life!" she exclaims. For her, it's all about maintaining equilibrium between the spiritual and the material. She finds fascination in the ancient role of jewelry – not just as adornment but as a protective charm, a bearer of energy and luck. Alina's journey into the mystical began with a profound love for history and ancient civilizations, sparked during her travels to captivating destinations like Ancient Egypt, India, Peru, and beyond. These journeys unfolded not only as adventures but as transformative experiences, laying the foundation for Dakini Jewellery.

Dakini Jewellery, according to Alina, is on a mission – to bring the divine within each wearer. What exactly does this mean? "Another level of consciousness, self-awareness, inspiration, and positive vibrations in your daily life," Alina explains. This mission is backed by ancient beliefs that resonate with contemporary science – the idea that stones, especially fine ones, vibrate at a certain level. Each stone used in her jewelry possesses this special energy and power.

Dakini Jewellery becomes not just a brand but a testament to Alina's unwavering commitment to the spiritual, the timeless, and the deeply meaningful. It's a journey through history and an invitation to connect with the divine through wearable art.

How do you select and incorporate powerful symbols into your jewelry pieces, and what significance do these symbols hold for you?

It’s all about inspiration that I get through books, traveling. I also take a lot of ideas from my dreams and meditations (laughes). All the symbols I select are very personal for me and have a very deep meaning. There’s no random or fast trend designs in my collections.

The color is also important. There’s a science that proves that colors can heal and affect positively your emotions. That’s why I love to use more colored stones than diamonds. Saying all that, our jewelry can bring you to higher vibrations. This is only a small part of its power. 

Could you elaborate on the creative process behind designing a new piece?

First I have a design idea in my mind, then my team of designers implement this idea on paper adapting to realm of jewelry. Usually there are a few tries as I have very precise ideas. Then we give it to our artisans who create our jewelry masterpieces by hand. 

What drew you to focus on ancient cultures? Could you delve into the symbolism and wisdom from cultures like Ancient Egypt, India, and Tibet that inspire your designs?

This is simply what attracts me and inspires me always. I believe, we can learn a lot from our ancestors if pay enough attention. 

My first collection Ophidia translates as a Serpent from Sanskrit language. I have chosen Snake as my first collection as it’s the most powerful and common sign in all the ancient cultures. It symbolizes the transformation, renewal, immortality, wisdom and has even more deeper meanings. It’s one of my favorite symbols! Plus, snake jewelry will be always trendy so you can be sure that you can wear it even after 50 years. 

Are there specific messages or stories you aim to convey through your jewelry collections?

My jewelry is all about messages and stories! My first collection Ophidia aims to transform you and bring to a higher level of self-awarness with its powerful symbolism and messages. Snake is all about subconscious in psychology and a great work that has to be done in order to improve yourself.

Can you share any challenges you've faced in combining spiritual elements with the high-end, material world of jewelry, and how you've overcome them?

I have a great team of jewelry artists, most of them are heirs of dynasties of jewelry artisans from Jaipur, India. This city is famous for many centuries thanks to its jewelry masters. I have masters who create jewelry for famous luxury brands so it wasn’t a big challenge to implement my ideas in the best way. 

Can you tell us about the materials you prefer to use in your creations and why they hold significance for your brand?

We use only 18K and 24K gold as it’s the best energy conductor. I love colored gem stones as they hold a great energy power. Ruby is one of my favorite, since ancient times it is used to bring energy and power to the root chakra. 

I also use a lot blue and yellow sapphire, emerald, white and black diamonds, amethyst, pearls etc Each of them has a special meaning for me. 

How has your personal spiritual journey influenced the direction and evolution of your jewelry brand?

For many years I was studying archeology, history, philosophy, theosophy that have inspired me to share its beauty and wisdom through jewelry. For me, it’s a great way to transmit the message and powerful symbolism. Nowadays, many people start to go deeper in their spiritual journey and that’s great. I hope my jewelry will help them on the way and give some good directions. I believe, spiritual practices and religions of different civilizations basically have the same idea and meaning, and it’s crucial to have an open mind to see it and use it. That’s why I don’t stick just to one ancient culture. 

Are there specific spiritual or mindfulness practices that influence your creative process?

I love many! I study and practice sacral geometry, so my jewelry has some sacral geometry codes encrypted. I like to use essential oils affecting different chakras during the day for better motivation and inspiration.  I plan to introduce a DAKINI essential oil that will help to have a fuller experience with my jewelry. Of course, I like mediation — it helps to get new ideas. There are many tools, it’s just about choosing the one that you like. 

What are your future aspirations for your brand, and how do you envision it continuing to evolve in the realm of spiritual haute joaillerie?

I’m planning to launch an online store and sell it in selective boutiques all over the world. I plan to launch a new collection next year dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Isis and do a big event dedicated to it. Also, I’d like to offer people different tools to increase their self-awarness such as essential oils, sacral geometry, guided meditation, numerology and others to improve an overall experience with my jewelry. Many exciting things to come and I hope you will love them!

What do you hope individuals feel or experience when they wear your jewelry?

I hope they get both esthetic and emotional pleasure, first of all. And when they know the story and meaning behind it, they get aligned with it and its symbolism. I hope they feel the power of it and it affects them in the best way. I hope it will motivate them to go deeper in themselves and become better every day.

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